Inspiration Booklet 2018

This catalog is for inspirational purposes and the photos are from around the world.Play is a global activity, however as safety standards vary across the world, KOMPAN must respond to these differences by producing country-specific assortments.


Product Overview 2018

KOMPAN is the world’s No. 1 playground supplier in both volume and in design advancements.  We develop, produce and market an extensive range of playground equipment that covers all age groups and abilities.  All our playgrounds are designed from the ground up to improve childhood health and learning. And all our products offer compelling design, high play value, uncompromising safety, unique innovation and long-lasting quality.

Organic Robinia

Robinia's natural materials and appearance make it ideal for park settings as well as other areas where the surroundings call for natural-looking play equipment. And it fits equally well into urban play environments, where it can create a magical forest right in the city.

Cre8 Play

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cre8Play works with Landscape Architects, Parks and Recreation departments and municipalities around the country and abroad. You don’t thrive in this industry like they have without the kind of drive and creativity they champion at Cre8Play. 

Themed Concepts

Themed Concepts is a world-renown manufacturer of highly customized, themed environments.  Specializing in themed playground equipment; their list of clients ranges from the Minnesota Zoo to Rainforest Cafe.   


Designed with the adventurous mind of the climber, BLOQX packs a lot of different challenges in a small space. Climb above, on the side or even under. The experience of a BLOQX playground is entirely unique to how you choose to approach the challenges at hand.


We want to create a new magnetic space based on gaming, sport and interaction that is captivating, engaging and invites to physical activity.


Since its launch in 1998, the revolutionary, award-winning GALAXY line has reinvented the way children play and challenged conventional ideas of what playground equipment should look like.


The entire COROCORD product range gives an endless variety of shapes, sizes, geometries and playing scenarios. The special "Herculean" rope comes in many colours and the assortment offers extensive possibilities for customisation.

Moments School Age

KOMPAN's new school age assortment is designed to provide age appropriate play for schoolage children. Numerous physical activities and play panels have been created in close cooperation with the KOMPAN Play Institute, tested by children and incorporated within the new play structures.

The assortment contains a number of standard products in different sizes, including challenging Mega Deck play structures. Some new products have been designed to provide easy access for disabled children, for them to participate in play with other kids in the playground.

Inclusive Design Guide 

Designed for use by the average person, this guide will walk you through the steps of planning, designing, and building a fully inclusive, barrier free playground for your community. 

Freenotes Harmony Park

The mission of Freenotes Harmony Park is to build the finest quality outdoor musical instruments on the market.

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